Jorge is amazing!!! We were quoted a ridiculous amount at Home Depot for water heater delivery and installation along with the cost of the water heater itself. Jorge not only delivered and installed our wonderful new water heater right on time, he hauled away our old water heater also. He charged us less than half of what we were quoted at Home Depot and it included the cost of the water heater. Jorge is honest and trustworthy. You'll be happy with his services!! Thank you so much!

Jc C.


My water heater went out so i began to call around but it seemed like everyone was just trying to sell me a new one. I called h&r and spoke to Jorge and he assured me my water heater could be fixed especially since it was only 3 years old they were able to book me the same day and had the parts in stock. Jorge didn't only solve my problem but he went above and beyond by doing more than what he was supposed to. I was expecting to pay for the service call but Jorge informed me that my heater was still under warranty and he dealt directly with the manufacturer saving me yet another headache. I definitely recommend h&r water heaters.

Omar H.


HOT WATER SOLUTIONS is one of 3 local businesses that service my Polaris water heater according to the TN manufacturer of the unit. I couldn't find one of the businesses on Yelp (hmm); another had an overall 3 rating (not great), then I saw that Hot Water Solutions had ALL 5 ratings (bingo)!

Jorge definitely lived up to all the great reviews. He is professional, knowledgeable, courteous AND HONEST. I highly recommend this business.

Stephanie C.


As it happens the water here where we live is VERY hard. Like so hard the the mineral build up in our water heater tank was like like someone dumped a bucket of sand in our tank...

My mans could not fix it this time - instead, he replaced the whole thing with a tankless water heater. Extremely affordable.

He was 1/2 price of many quotes I got.

Amazing work here!
Jorge definitely lived up to all the great reviews. He is professional, knowledgeable, courteous AND HONEST. I highly recommend this business.



Honestly, Jorge is one of a kind.

Excellent partner - great personality that ensures you feel comfortable with his work. He's incredibly timely with his responsiveness and service, does a fantastic job of explaining the problem, and the needed solution. He's helped save my wife and I from complicated tankless water heater issues (for us) that we've tried to google ourselves for hours.

In any industry, it's so critical to have a reliable, capable, friendly expert who you can trust with providing the necessary solution. I couldn't be happier to know we have someone like Jorge whenever we need him! A+++ all around.

David S.


Amazing service came in during the AFC & NFC Championship Sunday, 01/30/22. Thank you to Jorge with Hot Water Solutions for taking the time and coming in for service. Discovered burner was off and not firing Sunday morning. Called two other places and none are available. Jorge offered to come in and fix it today despite the severity of family's concern of having hot water to shower and wash dishes.

He knew everything about water heater, code requirements, recalls, warranties, etc much more than the local store that sold us the water heater, He quickly diagnosed it over the phone following discussion with a quick visit and report of SCG rep's diagnosis we shared.

I recommend for anyone reading this to give Jorge a call any time with any hot water heater problems.



Jorge was great. My water heater started acting up and after resetting it several times it finally went. Call Jorge and he came out the same day. Paid a little extra but he not only replaced the entire burner/control assembly he also cleaned/drained the tank and replaced the plastic drain with a solid brass one for longevity and strength. Very respectful and professional.

Huckle B.


Responded quickly, very knowledgeable and reasonable. Highly recommend him for your water heater/plumbing issues

Tom A.


If you have a hot water heater problem, look nowhere else. Jorge went way beyond what normal repair technicians would be willing to do. He fixed the problem, spending as much time as needed and not rushing to get to his next job. Highly recommended. Thanks for the great service.

Lee M.


This guy is the best! My tankless water heater broke and Jorge was able to fix it later in the day!

Extremely knowledgeable, patient, answers all questions, and troubleshoot difficult problems! You will not regret hiring Jorge. Expertise at a great rate! Five stars all the way! This guy was the reason Yelp was invented. Read the reviews then add your own 5 star review after he works on yours!

Jared W.


I called Hot Water Solutions and spoke with Jorge in regards to repairing my tankless water heater. He met up with me the same day on a late Saturday afternoon, When he arrived not only was he prompt and professional but I really appreciated his attention to detail and his politeness. He was able to repair my tankless water heater (Thankfully I did not have to get it replaced) and I learned a lot about water heaters during his visit which I can also appreciate. It's not everyday you meet a business owner who actually puts people first and has good customer service. Thank you again Jorge for your help today and it was a pleasure meeting you.

Dee F.


Very honest and professional! My water heater was leaking and I asked for a diagnosis, I was assuming worst case I had to replace some parts or the entire unit. Jorge came and he realized a lose valve was the reason. He fixed it and did a diagnosis of the system, nothing else was wrong with it. He did not even charge me any money. It's very hard to hard to find honest and professional people nowadays. I highly recommend his company! Y habla espaƱol!

E G.


Jorge is excellent! Professional, knowledgeable, and skilled, wouldn't hesitate to recommend him! Came out within an hour and my water is running perfectly. He's the man!

Jake F.


Our water heater went out due to water seeping through from the storms this past week. We found Jorge on Yelp and called Saturday morning. He was able to come that same day. He was punctual, very professional and wore a mask - a must during COVID. :) He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and even provided tips for my upcoming remodel. He got the water heater back on, it took a while (there was sooo much water!) I appreciate the time he took to make sure it was done correctly. He also sealed the hole on the outside cover where the water was coming through. I will definitely use him again and recommend him to friends and family!

Melissa A.


Jorge is the Man, Very helpful and get the Job done quick. Got my hot water running back quick. Jorge is the man you need to call for any type of plumbing Problems. Thanks Jorge

Beto Y.


GREAT service and in a timely matter, the job they conducted went smoothly and was affordable. Jorge is very professional and has great knowledge of his work, I would definitely recommend this company for all your plumbing needs...... Great job!!

Suzie Flores

Very knowledgeable and friendly service! Jorge taught me a lot about the quality of our water. I definitely recommend.

Maria Flores

They know their stuff. Do yourself a favor don't call a plumber call a company that specializes in water heaters only.

Adriana Romero

My water heater stopped giving hot water, called H&R Water Heater Company and they were able to get me into hot water within a couple of days after ordering parts from manufacturer.

Omar H.

I totally recommend H&R Water Heater Company!

They are very professional and Reliable.

Jorge is very knowledgeable with all LA Housing City Codes and Regulations.

He was very honest with all the work that was needed and the labor cost is extremely good ? ??

Edwin Flores